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Spanish Fork 2020 Shop Local Program 

Spanish Fork Shop Local is a program designed to help residents and businesses during the holiday season. Each residence will receive three $25 vouchers to spend at participating businesses in Spanish Fork. Additional information can be found on this page.

Participating Businesses

Resident FAQs

What is the purpose of this program?

The Spanish Fork City Shop Local program is designed to help residents and businesses during what has been financially trying times for many. The hope is that this gift will help residents during the holiday season and get money to our local businesses who are also weathering the COVID-19 storm.

Where can I spend my vouchers?

The vouchers are valid ONLY at participating businesses in Spanish Fork. The business name can be found on our website and a “Shop Here!” sticker will be at the business.

How do I use the vouchers?

The vouchers are used just like cash. Fill your basket or get a service and use the voucher to pay for it. Keep in mind that businesses won’t offer change if your transaction is less than $25, so make sure you spend the full amount.

Can I use more than one voucher at a location?

Yes! You can use one, two, or three vouchers at any location.

What if I didn't receive any vouchers in the mail?

You should have received your vouchers by December 1. If you did not, please contact the City Utility office at 801-804-4511. The City will verify you were not on the original mailing list of cards.  You must validate that you are a Spanish Fork City resident and that your household has a utility account or lives in a registered ADU.  If you live in an unregistered Accessory Dwelling Unit, you will need to make sure the property owner has registered the ADU with the Community Development Office. More information about ADUs can be found on our ADU website.

Where did the funds for this program come from?

Spanish Fork City received funds from the federal government through the CARES Act to support residents and businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Is it possible to use these vouchers without leaving my house? I don’t feel comfortable going to stores right now.

Some local businesses that deliver may accept the vouchers at the time of delivery.  How the local businesses choose to accept the vouchers is up to them.  You may also give the vouchers to a friend or family member.  There is not a way to use these vouchers digitally.

Business Information

Spanish Fork City invites businesses to participate in the SPANISH FORK 2020 SHOP LOCAL PROGRAM. This program is similar to programs that have been offered in surrounding communities and is intended to encourage our residents to support local businesses. Each household in Spanish Fork will receive three (3) $25 Vouchers/Gift Cards that may be spent at participating businesses. Participating businesses will accept the Vouchers as cash and will then submit them to Spanish Fork City for reimbursement. Participating businesses will be reimbursed 100% of the value of the Vouchers they accept. For example, if a business collects 100 $25 Vouchers they will then be reimbursed $2,500 by Spanish Fork City.

Program FAQ's for BUSINESSES:

How do I participate?

Simply complete this Google form: collect Vouchers as cash and then submit those Vouchers to Spanish Fork City on or before February 1, 2021, to be reimbursed.

What does the Voucher/Gift Card look like?

example of $25 voucher

How many Vouchers can I accept?

We ask participating businesses to accept as many as our residents would like to use.

How often can I submit Vouchers for reimbursement?

For ease of administration, we prefer that you only submit once at the end of the program. However, if needed we can process reimbursements sooner.

Do I give change for the purchase amounts that are less than $25?

That is up to you. We will tell residents that the Vouchers should be used for purchases of at least $25. Whether you chose to give change, or not, for purchases that are less than $25 is your decision. However, our recommendation would be to not give change.

Do I need to submit receipts for the purchases?

No. You only need to submit the Vouchers.

How do I submit the Vouchers for reimbursement?

Bring Vouchers to the Utility Office in room 120 of the Spanish Fork City Office Building located at 40 South Main Street. The reimbursement form will be filled out in the Utility office on one of the computer kiosks. (

How long do I need to wait to be reimbursed?

We anticipate that reimbursement checks will be issued within 7 days.

How is this program being funded?

This program is being funded with CARES Act funds that have been provided to Spanish Fork City by the Federal government.

The reimbursement form requires a W-9 and I do not have one. What do I do?

You can complete our online W-9 form.

What businesses are eligible to enroll in the program?

Most businesses in Spanish Fork that have a valid business license are eligible and will be verified with the Business Licensing Department.

I cannot find my 2020 business license. What do I do?

If the business does not have a valid business license; whether it expired or one was never obtained you'll need a new one. The business license application is simple and can be done online on our online portal.

I work from home, do I really need to get a license?

Home occupations are required to obtain a Spanish Fork City Business License. There are two types of Home Occupation Licenses. The fee for the business license is $60 plus a $40 fire inspection if you have customers come to your home. However, if you do not have any customers coming to your home, your business is exempt from the fire inspection as well as any business license administrative fees. The business license application is simple and can be done online on our online portal.

Three $25 vouchers will be mailed to each residence in the City and can be spent like cash at participating businesses. Businesses can then turn the vouchers into the City to receive dollar-for-dollar reimbursement.