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Yard Sales

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Yard Sale Guidelines

  1. Submit Yard Address Information.
    • Yard Sale have been updated with a newer system, and will require to you write out all parts to the address.
    • If the Address is not written out completely it may affect the way the address shows on the Map
    • I.E. Enter Street instead of St. or South instead of S or S.
  2. Submit Yard Sales in a timely manner for approval.
    • Yard Sale may take up to 24 hours for approval.
    • Requests received the night prior, after hours, or during holidays may be delayed or not approved.
    • Submitting Yard Sales during office hours will increase the likelihood Yard Sales' will be approved in time.
  3. Your Contact Information
    • Contact information is used to :
      1. Assist prospective buyers in finding your home/yard sale location
      2. Should questions arise in the approval process, City Employees will have a way to contact you.
      3. Yard Sales' submitted outside of Spanish Fork will not be approved.
  4. Yard Sale Details
    • Description of items at Yard Sale
  5. Acceptance of Guidelines
    • I have read the Spanish Fork Municipal Code, section 5.36, Signage Regulations and agree to abide by them.
    • You will receive one or more email's regarding yard sale and approval.
    • By continuing you are stating that you understand and agree with this information
    • I understand that if I don't adhere to these guidelines, my yardsale may not be approved

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