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Pressurized Irrigation Water is Coming: Be Prepared

The pressurized irrigation water will be turned on by April 15 or sooner, depending on the weather. Sometimes cold winter temperatures cause problems with sprinkler systems. Without careful observation, these problems can flood your yard and home if your sprinkler system turns on. It is best to make sure your pressurized irrigation service is turned off at the meter before the city system is energized. To turn your pressurized irrigation water off, locate your pressurized irrigation meter box. This is typically a green box just behind the sidewalk in your front yard. There will be a valve in the meter box or in a round box near the meter box that will need to be closed. To close it, turn the valve so that it is perpendicular to the pipe going into your yard. If you have sprinkler system filters, check to make sure they are clean. Please be sure to securely replace the lid on the box when you are done. If you have a leak in your meter box call the city at 801-804-4440 option 2.

This news article was originally posted on March 9, 2017

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