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2017 Candidates
-Chad K. Argyle
-Steve Leifson
-City Council
-Dennis R. Sorensen
-Keir A. Scoubes
-Mike Mendenhall

Keir A. Scoubes
Name: Keir A. Scoubes
Address: 380 E 200 N
Cell Phone: 801-310-2447

Brief Bio:

Keir A. Scoubes is a decorated veteran of both Iraq and Afghanistan, has served as a Liaison Officer to General Staff, and has worked for the State Department abroad at the U.S. Embassy in Honduras. He continues his 20 year military career as a Lieutenant Colonel with the Utah Army National Guard. Keir has also spent the past 15 years as a school teacher at Larsen Elementary where he currently teaches 4th grade. He has served the city of Spanish Fork as a city councilman serving on the Airport Board, the Solid Waste District Board, the Fine Arts Committee, the Library Board and the Veterans Council. To better represent Spanish Fork with the State Legislature, he served 4 years as the District 66 Legislative vice-chair. His vast experience in government, military service, diplomacy and education set him apart as a leader who will continue to fight for Spanish Fork values. He and his wife Robyn have been married 24 years and have 4 children and 1 grandson. Keir and his family enjoy the outdoors, finding Spanish Fork a wonderful place to raise their family with the trail system, parks and recreation and community activities like Fiesta Days, Harvest Moon Hurrah and the Rodeo.

Why Are You Running For Spanish Fork City Council?

The greatest strength of the U.S. military isnt the weapon systems, vehicles or equipment, it is the people that serve. It is the service to each other and our communities that is our greatest strength. On the battlefield it was my desire to serve my Soldiers and witness their service to others. As a military officer I believe in selfless service, integrity, personal courage and that it is my civic duty and obligation to serve my community. As a school teacher, I have taught my students about the need to be involved in our community. I consider elected office to be a sacred trust that carries with it the responsibility to lead and educate the citizenry. I have served as an effective leader and manager of both people and resources. As a company commander in Afghanistan, I managed the health, welfare and morale of 60 soldiers under my command, as well as millions of dollars of unit equipment in stressful battle conditions. As an educator I am fully invested in the future of Spanish Fork as I teach the leaders of tomorrow. As a city councilman, I have used these skills to improve our community and defend our values. I have fought against state entities that would force a heavy tax burden on our city. I have defended private property rights and worked to help keep kids safe on their way home from school. I ask for your vote that I may continue to serve and defend this great community.

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