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City Recycling Program

Sign up today to recycle! The City Council unanimously approved the City's first ever curbside recycling program. The recycling program began in June 2009. Originally, Allied Waste required a minimum number of 2,000 households to sign up before the program could begin, however, the City renegotiated that number to 1,400. The service cost is listed on our Utility Rates page and will be added to your monthly utility bill.

How Do I Sign Up?

If you have not yet signed up, you can do so in one of two ways:

  1. Call 801-804-4501 to request the service be added to your utility bill
  2. Come to the City Utility window at 40 S. Main Street during normal business hours.

How it Works

The collection company will come every other week to empty your recycle bin. Recyclable items include paper, plastic, cardboard, tin cans, magazines, etc. all of which can be placed in the same bin. For more information on acceptable and unacceptable recycling items, please click here. This program is voluntary. Residents will have the option to sign up for the service. The additional charge will be added to your monthly utility bill.

Why Recycle?

Recycling has many benefits, some of which include: it saves natural resources, it saves energy, it reduces the need for landfill space, and it lowers the need to use toxic chemicals.

Does your household currently use two garbage receptacles? You may be able to replace one of those receptacles with a recycling bin. By sorting out items such as aluminum cans, paper, and plastic from your regular garbage, you may be able to reduce your garbage output. Please indicate in the form below if you wish to replace your second receptacle when the recycling program begins.

Watch a video about the recycling process by clicking here.

When is Recycling Picked Up?

Recycling is picked up every other week on the day of your normal trash pick-up. You can always check the City Calendar or the 2013 Recycling Pickup Schedule to see when recycling is next scheduled to be picked-up.

Other Recycling Locations

For info on locations you may take recycling items to, please click here.

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