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2014 Year End Report

Message From The Director

Public Safety departments across the nation had an eventful year in 2014. While Spanish Fork gratefully did not see the unrest between citizens and public safety we were not without significant events that effected many in both positive and negative ways.

There were many positive events that occurred in Spanish Fork. Our citizens continue to be supportive and get involved in public safety. As you may know we started the VIPS program last year and were able to add another volunteer to the program. We now have Ed Acey and Bob VanAusdal in the VIPS program. They spend countless volunteer hours serving the citizens of Spanish Fork. We have also now had a complete year with our K9 unit. Officer Cory Grover and K9 Officer Lord have had a positive impact on the community. Officers Grover and Lord are often seen throughout the community giving presentations or searching for illegal drugs or those individuals needing to be found. In fact they were able to locate a fugitive wanted for kidnapping. Their search and find skills are impeccable and used daily. The Fire and Ambulance arm of the Public Safety Department continues to serve with honor and integrity. They have protected property and saved lives. We are truly fortunate to have these men and women serving the community.

With the continued growth of the city in both commercial and residential areas we have seen an increase in requests for service. Wanting to provide the best service to the citizens and businesses in Spanish Fork I requested more officers. The Mayor and Council approved two more officer positions bringing us to 30 officers. We hired Dallas Smith and Bret Smith for these positions. You can read more of them in the 2014 Year End Report. They have made a positive impact in serving the community, however we continue to see growth which will require more individuals to serve the community.

We also held our first 16 hour womens self-defense class. This class taught defending against knife attacks, techniques to disarm a gunman, ground fighting, hand to hand self-defense techniques and personal safety. This too is addressed in the year end report

While we here in Spanish Fork do enjoy a community living with less violent crime than other cities our size have we did have an unfortunate historical event take place. On January 16, 2014 a quadruple homicide and suicide of the Boren family took place. Countless hours of service and police actions were needed. Without going into the details of this case it suffices to know that the officers performed the services they swore an oath to provide in a professional and caring manner.

All of these items discussed above have further information about them in the year end report along with the department make up and activities for this past year. I invite you to get to know the goings on in the city and your local Police Officers, Firefighters and Emergency Technicians through the report.

I would also like our citizens to know that whether they are calling for assistance in finding lost or stolen property or calling for help in a major life changing incident, Spanish Fork Ambulance, Fire and Police Officers will provide the service needed in a professional manner. Be assured that our officers are highly trained in all areas of public safety service and will do all that is possible to achieve a desired outcome.

Your Public Safety Department realizes that it takes, among other things, dedication, education, experience and above all community involvement for us to be successful at our jobs.

Get involved, be involved and make a difference.

No single factor has been more crucial to reducing crime levels than the partnership between law enforcement agencies and the communities we serve. In order for law enforcement to be truly effective, police agencies cannot operate alone; they must have the active support and assistance of citizens and communities.

We encourage all citizens to be educated on crime prevention and other safety issues as well as to be involved in community safety by reporting crimes and suspicious activities.

If you have any needs or desires of your Public Safety Department please contact us.

We are here to Protect and Serve.

Chief Steven G. Adams

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