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2016 Year End Report

Message From The Director

Your Spanish Fork Public Safety Department continue to see more calls for service as our city grows both in residential and commercial business areas.

The Police Department during 2007 had 28 officers. That year we had over 18,000 requests for services, which amounts to around 600 calls per officer. This year we had over 24,000 requests for service and now have 32 officers. This amounts to over 800 calls per officer. A 33% increase in 9 years. As you can see we are providing more services with less officers. We continue to monitor the community needs in order to provide the best services with the least amount of strain on the city funds. We continue to see support, and needs, from our City Council, Citizens as well as in the Business Community. We are very fortunate to live and work in this area where there is community trust and support.

As you may know we made some changes to our Emergency Medical Services this past six months. We evaluated the number of calls that we responded to as well as the time of day these calls came in. It was no surprise to find that the majority of our calls occurred between the hours of 7am and 7pm. This is nearly a three to one ratio of day time calls to night time calls. We proposed to the City Council to have our day time crews be at the station ready to respond to those day time calls. Our hopes were to lower our response times and better serve the community medical needs. The Council approved the request and we implemented this change in July. Since implementation we have seen a response time average drop from four minutes to one minute. We all know that it is crucial to get medical needs addressed in a timely manner. Our EMS personnel are responding faster than they ever have. Our Fire and EMS teams serve with honor and integrity. They continue to protect property and save lives. We are truly fortunate to have these men and women serving the community.

All of these items discussed above as well as much more are discussed in our yearly report. I invite you to get to know the goings on in the city and your local Police Officers, Firefighters and Emergency Medical Technicians through this report.

Please know that your Public Safety Department is here to serve you. We do our best to appropriately address any needs from what may seem trivial to the traumatic.

Your Public Safety Officers in each of these divisions know their duties and keep up to date on the best practices to ensure that Spanish Fork Citizens are well served.

We know that to perform our jobs and achieve success it takes dedication, education, experience and above all community involvement. We are grateful that citizens get involved. Please continue to: Be involved and make a difference.

If you have any needs or desires of your Public Safety Department please contact us.

We are here to Protect and Serve.

Chief Steven G. Adams

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