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Planning Commission

Planning Commission Agendas & Minutes

The Planning Commission provides analysis and recommendations to the City Council on all matter dealing with the present and future development of the City, in accordance with the goals and policies of the City's General Plan. This includes reviewing, approving, or recommending to the City Council for requests for general plan amendments, zone changes, subdivisions, and text amendments. The Planning Commission is the final decision maker for Conditional Use Permits.

The Planning Commission meets the first Wednesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. in the City Council Chambers, 40 South Main Street.

The Basic Steps in the Planning Commission Public Hearing Process:

  1. Welcome to the meeting (Chairman)
  2. City staff member presentation - A city staff member will present a detail report on the facts of the case.
  3. Applicant presentation - The applicant or his/her representative makes a presentation to the Commission supporting their application. Members of the Commission may ask questions.
  4. Comments from the audience - Residents share their views on the project. Members of the Commission may ask questions.
  5. Call for a motion - The Planning Commission Chairman will ask for a motion to approve, disapprove or continue an application.
  6. Planning Commission discussion - The members of the Commission discuss the merits of the case. The applicant, his/her representative, proponents and opponents are not permitted to speak.
  7. Planning Commission vote - The members of the Commission vote.

Public Hearing Courtesy

  1. When speaking to the Planning Commission, please stand, speak clearly into the microphone and state your name and address. Please speak slowly for the benefit of the city recorder. Speakers are encouraged to focus on pertinent issues, and avoid repetition.
  2. Speakers and audience members are asked to behave politely.
  3. Exhibits (photos, petitions, etc.) given to the Planning Commission become the property of the City.
  4. Please turn off all electronics or other noise making devices.

Members of the Spanish Fork City Planning Commission

The members of the Planning Commission are residents of the City, and are uncompensated for their service. Current members of the Planning Commission include:

Bruce Fallon
Treaci Tagg
Brad Tanner
Kevin Oyler
Richard Davis
John Mendenhall

Planning Resources

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