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2014 Ordinances and Resolutions

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ORD 01-14Vacating a Portion of 1100 East Street
ORD 02-14Abandoning an Electric Easement in the Canyon Creek Development
ORD 03-14Amending the Makeup of the Rodeo Committee
ORD 04-14Making Various Amendments to the Land Use Ordinance of Spanish Fork City
ORD 05-14Prohibiting E-Cigarettes in Municipal Parks & Recreation Areas
ORD 06-14Vacating a Portion of Cal Pac Avenue
ORD 07-14Amending the Parking Requirements on Main Street
ORD 08-14Amending Business License Revocations
ORD 09-14Changing the General Plan Designation & Amending the Official General Plan Map of Spanish Fork City for The Ridge
ORD 10-14Making Various Amendments to the Landscape Requirements of Spanish Fork City
ORD 11-14Creating Chapter 68 of Title 2 of the SFC Municipal Code Establishing a Municipal Ethics Commission & Providing for the Membership thereof Pursuant to
ORD 12-14Repealing Regulations Concerning All-Terrain Vehicles
RES 14-01Authorizing the Mayor to Explore the Creation of a Water Authority to Address Water Issues in South Utah County
RES 14-02Approving an Interlocal Agreement with Utah County & Other Cities within Utah County for NPDES Phase II Storm Water Public Education & Outreach Best M
RES 14-03Approving the Municipal Wastewater Planning Program
RES 14-04Approving an Interlocal Agreement with Other Government Entities Creating the Mt. Nebo Water Agency & Authorizing the Mayor to Execute the Agreement
RES 14-05Appointing an Alternate Board Member to the Utah Valley Dispatch Special Service District
RES 14-06Proclaiming Arbor Day
RES 14-07Approving an Interlocal Agreement with Other Government Entities in Utah County Creating a Municipal Ethics Commission & Authorizing the Mayor to Exec
RES 14-08Approving an Interlocal Agreement with Other Government Entities in Utah County Concerning Utah Lake, Its Uses & Preservation, & Authorizing the Mayor
RES 14-09Amending the Spanish Fork City Employee Personnel Manual
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