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2015 Ordinances and Resolutions

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ORD 01-15Adopting the Sierra Bonita Community Development Project Area Plan
ORD 02-15Making Amendments to the Infill Overlay Zone and Outdoor Storage Requirements
ORD 03-15Amending Provisions of the Municipal Code Dealing with Animals
ORD 04-15Creating an Administrative Process
ORD 05-15Amending the Provisions of the Municipal Code Dealing with Administrative Processes
ORD 06-15Authorizing Amendments to the Construction Standards of the CIty
ORD 07-15Creating Hillside Development Standards as part of the Spanish Fork Municipal Code
ORD 08-15Impact Fee Enactment
ORD 09-15Defining a Vehicle with Expired Registration of more than Three Months a Nuisance
ORD 10-15Abandoning an Easement in the Expressway Square Shopping Center Development
ORD 11-15Amending Provisions of the Municipal Code Dealing with Accessory Apartments and Parking
ORD 12-15Repealing and Re-enacting Title 13, Utilities
RES 15-01Approving an Interlocal Agreement with the Spanish Fork Redevelopment Agency Regarding Tax Increment Funding of the Sierra Bonita Community Developmen
RES 15-02Creating a Renewable Energy Program "Renew Choice" and Electric Rate Schedule
RES 15-03Encouraging the State of Utah to Address Comprehensive Transportation Funding
RES 15-04Authorizing Settlement Authority for Liability Claims made Against Spanish Fork City
RES 15-05Proclaiming Arbor Day
RES 15-06Authorizing the City Manager or Designee to enter into an Employment Contract with Apprentice Lineworkers
RES 15-07Authorizing the City Manager or Designee to Execute Cemetery Plot Purchase Agreements By Employees
RES 15-08Approving the Annual Drinking Water Quality Report for 2014
RES 15-10Approving an Interlocal Agreement with Utah County to Provide Case Management Software
RES 15-12Approving the Municipal Wastewater Planning Self Assessment Report for 2014
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