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Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive my utility bill and when is it due?

Your Utility Bill is due on the 20th of each month. It will typically arrive on the 1st of each month.

What day is my garbage pickup?

Garbage pickups are on Monday and Tuesday. Please have cans out by 7:00 am regardless. For route information see the Garbage Collection route map.

Can I get a second garbage can?

Yes, contact the Utility Billing Office at 801-798-5000 or send an e-mail requesting one. The charge is $8.75 per can for residents and businesses. Residents may have a maximum of 2 cans while businesses may have up to 4. Additional cans must be kept at least 6 months.

What is the Storm Drain Charge on my bill for?

The cost of maintaining the Storm Drain System has been paid in the past by other utilities. With the increase in impervious areas of the city and additional storm drain systems being installed it became necessary to generate revenue to adequately maintain this system. New regulations from the Federal Government require additional maintenance, testing and administration of permits throughout the country.

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