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Annexation History
Annexation History

This Annexation History Page gives you the opportunity to watch how Spanish Fork City has changed over time. Through the years Spanish Fork City changed considerably through Annexation and De-Annexation. This movie allows you to watch how it has happened over the years. This movie does require QuickTime Movie Player, which can be downloaded here.

When watching this Movie you will want to remember some of these dates:

Date Event
1872 Is the Earliest Record of Spanish Fork City Boundary
1899 Nothing happens until 1899 when there is a large De-Annexation
1904 Another De-Annexation occurs
1952 Small Annexation - On Southeast Corner of Spanish Fork
1961 Small Changes Happen
1964 Small Changes Happen Again
1970 Late 60's & early 70's Annexation Activity Increases until present day
2007 Current Spanish Fork Boundary

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